"NowForms™ equates to better member service. When the old dot matrix printers went down the members were inconvenienced by having to return later or asked to travel to another office location. The value of the credit union would diminish significantly if this happened regularly. With the more reliable NowForms system in place this printer issue has been eliminated."

–Bryan L. West, Host System Administrator for Silver State Credit Union

Silver State Schools Credit Union streamlines centralized control over distributed check printing with NowForms™

A leading Nevada financial institution since 1951, Silver State Schools Credit Union offers a wide range of loan and investment products and services for private and institutional customers. Silver State Schools Credit Union is one of the state’s largest credit unions with 19 locations throughout Las Vegas and Reno and more than $885 million in annual revenue in 2006. Owned and operated by its 71,000+ members they continue to provide a quality Credit Union alternative for members.

The Situation: Costly Dot Matrix Check Printing and Maintenance

Silver State Schools Credit Union was relying on antiquated printers to print out 100’s of check types daily. The existing dot-matrix printing process was slow, unreliable, labor intensive and expensive to maintain. This required countless hours of expensive printer maintenance and a significant labor cost to purchase and maintain check stock. Overall the check printing quality was neither consistent nor looked professional and there was no easy way to make simple changes and quickly deploy updated checks. Silver State Schools Credit Union desired to decrease these costs and increase customer service performance by switching to a faster and more accurate laser check printing solution.

The Solution: NowDocs’ NowForms™ for centralized laser check printing

Silver State Schools Credit Union selected NowForms™ to address their dependence on pre-printed check stock and to create a new centralized check printing system. With this installation, Silver State Schools Credit Union can now print any type of check in any location on a system that is reliable and easy to manage. They have a single interface for managing their disbursements, regardless of the payment data source. NowForms provides members with contemporary documents and vastly increases the system up time. They save money on equipment and maintenance costs annually (as MICR Encoding machines are phased out). Members benefit from increased up time with fewer problems, while the checks themselves reflect the superior quality expected from a leading credit union. Silver State Schools Credit Union has a new competitive advantage to grow their business.

The Results: Decreased the overall cost of printing a check by 75%

The implementation of NowForms™ was completed on time and within budget. Silver State Schools Credit Union is now able to process checks faster, more efficiently and at less cost. The total cost to print a check prior to implementation was approximately $0.35 and has now been reduced to $0.09.

Complete Benefits:

Silver State Schools Credit Union chose NowForms™ because:
  • Provides an alternative to antiquated dot-matrix printers
  • Reduces cost of printing and storing pre-printed checks
  • Cashier checks, money orders, and starter checks are available without costly MICR encoders
  • Provides consistent and professional looking checks companywide
  • Replaces pre-printed check stock with a more secure unprinted laser stock
  • Enhanced customer service by providing a reliable check printing process

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