K-12 Program

Gives Teachers More Classroom Time, Keeps $$$ in the Budget

Teachers spend an average of 20-30 minutes per day in the copier line. That’s two hours per week, per teacher, of unavailable classroom time to provide education! Add to those costs, the overuse of the copiers throughout a school district – potentially requiring more repairs, early replacement, or unneeded additional equipment acquisitions – and you have a recipe for unmanaged expenses.

NowDocs®, Inc., a member of the Xerox Business Partner Alliance, has announced the availability of a program for the K12 environment, offering an aggressive discount for NowPrint ASP, the secure hosted version of NowDocs’ solution for web-based print order submission. For the educational environment, NowPrint facilitates efficient submission of reproduction work from the distributed environment of outlying schools, into a centralized print facility, maximizing print assets while controlling costs.

For nearly ten years, NowDocs has provided hosting services for print providers needing a web-based portal for job submission and control over document production costs. Organizations are increasingly embracing NowPrint ASP for its simplicity of implementation, scalability, and the minimal burden on organizational I.T. resources.


  • Provides job tracking and cost accounting;
  • Drives copy/print volume to the centralized print facility, reducing organizational document production costs;
  • Has an Electronic Document Catalog – great for forms, manuals, workbooks and other curriculum materials;
  • Enables teachers to spend more time in the classroom, instead of in the copier line.

School systems spend an average of $10 per student annually, for outside printing. Ensure your schools’ budget doesn’t take the hit for unmanaged document related expenses. Keep your teachers in the classroom; and more dollars in your operating budget. Let NowDocs provide a solution that maximizes both your central duplication resources, and your educational workforce.

For specific program details, or to schedule a personalized demo, contact NowDocs Sales at 888-NOW-DOCS (888-669-3627) option 3, or via email at