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—Steve, Consulting Services

NowForms™: Quick Laser for NowForms and Flash Media

With a NowForms (formerly RxLASER) Flash SIMM or DIMM, you can quickly update your custom electronic forms onsite, without having to remove the chip from the printer. This allows you to request NowDocs to make changes to your forms in a rapid fashion so that you can be back up and printing very quickly. With NowDocs' delivery via the Internet, small changes can be completed and the SIMM/DIMM updated in most cases the same day the change is requested.

The update occurs at your site by sending a downloaded file (Cxxxx.fsa) containing your new or updated forms to the printer. To download the file to the printer, we have developed a program called Quick Laser. This program is available for download by clicking the following link: Download Quick Laser.


When you click on the above Download Quick Laser link, choose the SAVE option and save the file (qlsetup2_5.exe) to your desktop. If you are unable to successfully download the file, please contact NowDocs at 888-669-3627 and follow the prompts to technical support for NowForms.

When you have saved the file to your desktop, double click the file qlsetup2_5.exe on your desktop and this will begin the installation process. Follow the prompts and click the appropriate boxes until the installation is complete.

Start the Quick Laser program by clicking on the START button in Windows. Click on PROGRAMS, then click on QUICK LASER 2.0 and finally on QUICK LASER. This will start the Quick Laser program. Once started, you are presented with a window that allows you to download the update file to the printer's SIMM/DIMM (you will find this on the left side of the window). Click the BROWSE button to locate your upgrade file (in this example the file name would be Cxxxx.fsa). In a real upgrade, you would find the xxxx's replaced with numerals like this: C3157.fsa.

After locating your upgrade file, be sure the printer is turned on and then click the UPGRADE button. A warning screen will ask if you are sure you want to complete this upgrade. Click on YES. The file will be downloaded to the printer and programming of your chip will occur. When the programming is completed (usually less than 60 seconds) you will be able to test the chip by entering a form or form numbers on the right side of the Quick Laser window. After you click the Print button, that form will be printed.

You are now ready to resume the printing of jobs! If you are unable to successfully complete this process, please contact NowDocs at 888-669-3627 and follow the prompts to technical support for NowForms.