"The NowForms solution has allowed RSD to reduce cost, improve efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction within our organization."

–Gordon, VP of Technology, RSD

NowForms™: Features

Installed in hundreds of companies and institutions, the NowForms technology has a proven track record of reliability and scalability.



Overall Features NowForms Server NowForms Modules Description
High-performance Microsoft .Net architecture NowForms takes advantage of Microsoft’s® latest .Net architecture resulting in dramatic performance improvements while reducing related hardware and database software costs. Hardware requirements are minimal and take advantage of the latest advancements in high-performance, low cost Intel® and Windows® base hardware and software.
Server based, behind your firewall NowForms runs on your server behind your firewall. You are in complete control.
Advanced load balancing   Conversion and processing all occur on their own channels. Multiple channels run at the same time, and the system properly load balances the documents in the internal queues for each. Therefore, if multiple channels are in operation for compatible data sets, the document will be routed to the channel able to process it the quickest.
Configuration Recalls   “Last Good” configuration snapshots allow for fast configuration recalls. Every time the system starts successfully, a snapshot of the system configuration is taken. This allows the administrator to roll back to a previously working configuration, if any system changes negatively effect processing.
Built-in Performance Monitors   The system utilizes performance monitors for systems analysis. At any time, you can use the performance monitoring tool included in NowForms to see how many conversion/processing channels are in use, compounded queue sizes, and so on.
Universal Data Exchange Format   NowForms utilizes a proprietary document page format (PRI) that allows a universal, central interface for all of the plug-ins. This allows all plug-ins to recognize one input format to accommodate all input formats.
PDF Conversion   PDF conversion allows unlimited pages with low resource overhead. Unlike other conversion engines, with the NowForms proprietary PDF conversion engine, font metrics are preprocessed and cached for performance reasons. In addition, an unlimited number of pages may be added with low resource overhead.
XML Data Directory   NowForms includes a data directory where you can create multiple tables that can be used for processing. The tables can have mapping, texts to extract, etc., all accessible through embed macros used in the processing rules. The data is stored in XML tables enabling you to use third party tools for maintenance if desired. Also included is a data director import tool (DDIT) which will use a spool definition that you have defined to read from a data file into the directory.
Serialized Document States   NowForms makes sure the document stays persistent at all stages of processing. Spool files and document description files are not cleared until the job has finality. If the power is shut down in the middle of processing, the document will exist in the form it was last in and can then be re-queued for reprocessing.
Output Features NowForms Server NowForms Modules Description
Faxing   NowForms fax module intelligently routes documents to be faxed.
PDF Email   NowForms PDF email module intelligently routes PDF documents via email.
Barcoding   NowForms barcoding module allows you to add any barcoding symbology to your documents.
LPD Receiver   NowForms LPD receiver module allows for the receiving and distribution of LPR’d documents.
Fax Confirmation   NowForms fax confirmation module allows you to receive a detailed email confirmation when your faxes have been successfully sent and received.
Data Management Configuration Panel Features NowForms Server NowForms Modules Description
Adjustable Queue Sizes, Lifetimes and Filters for every Channel   Conversion and processing channels can be configured and micro-controlled by using the data management system configuration panel. In addition, queue sizes, lifetimes, permanence, and document filters can be set up to determine haw many channels can run at once, how much work they will do, etc. This flexibility is especially useful for configuring NowForms to work with different hardware configurations.
Load Balancing Controller   NowForms load balancing controller supports round robin and top node distribution.
Plug-in Types   NowForms offers six plug-in types that allow flexible customization without performance compromise. The system uses the following plug-in types, which can be individually configured, replaced, or upgraded to fine-tune how the system works:
  • Data reception
  • Preprocessors
  • Converters
  • Event Handlers
  • Analyzers
Poll Directory Extraction Configuration   Preprocessor plug-ins can pull documents form the polling directory using various methods. The standard preprocessor loads files first-in, first-out based on the creation time.
Specialized Data Integration   Embedded macros allow you to access and embed specialized information in your data stream, or conditions analysis. Embedded macros can access and define spool fields, the data directory, PCL macros, or general macros (which provide access to specified document information).
Define Spool Files without Reprogramming   The data management system does not require specialized programming for each spool file format type. Instead, you can quickly define how a spool file is formatted and how it should be interpreted, through consistent, easy to use dialog boxes. Regular expressions are used for textural manipulation.
Print Driver Capture System   The Data Management System includes a print driver that can capture document form your favorite word processing or design application, and then turn it into a template that can be used in the system ( for example, using the mail merge converter).
Document Editor   A document editor is available with NowForms which allows you to modify templates that are used in the system. These templates can be created by the Print Driver Capture System. The document editor allows you to modify the static text on the page as well as the variable text insertion points, justification, capitalization, and so on.
Chained Event System   The event system can be fully configured and expanded to meet your document tracking needs. Multiple event handlers can be chained so that you are not limited to the functionality set of just one. For example, you can chain both the Windows Log Handler with the event system handler and enjoy the functionality of both.
Archiving   NowForms archiving utilizes SQL standards which allow it to be highly scalable and easy to maintain. Archiving is administered through a web console that can be utilized from any computer connected to the Internet.
AutoScan   The NowForms AutoScan module, when used with NowForms archive module, not only gives you’re the ability to scan and store documents, its OCR capabilities allow you to index and intelligently retrieve those documents.

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