"I completed the purge of the 'bad' range of checks prior to transmitting the file to U.S. Bank... the NowChecks software proved to be very user friendly once again!"

–Greg, USDA (St. Louis)

NowChecks: Features

Installed in hundreds of companies and institutions, the NowChecks technology has a proven track record of reliability and scalability.


Overall Features Standard Optional Description
Check Preview   NowChecks allows you to preview checks before they are printed.
Production CHECK Printing   NowChecks is designed for high volume check printing for production facilities.
Non-Negotiable Checks   NowChecks provides the ability to print non-negotiable check copies.
Reprints   NowChecks allow you to print a single or a range of checks for reprints.
Batch Controls and Reporting   With NowChecks batch controls and reporting engine you can track and report on each batch.
Audit Controls and Reporting   NowChecks tracks everything that is done within the system and has many standard reporting options.
Security   NowChecks comes standard with bi-level password security. It has a separate password engine for reprints.
Printer Memory Module   NowChecks printer memory module contains all your logos, signatures and check graphics for added security.
Additional Check Formats   NowChecks supports many standard check formats including but not limited to AP, mortgage, or payroll check of your choice.
Manual Check Production   The Manual Check Production feature allows user to produce ad-hoc manual checks in any format. Full audit controls and separate check file repository are provided for manual checks.
Bank Reconciliation   NowChecks provides a stand-alone bank reconciliation facility, whereby individual check transaction records are recorded into a file in the specific format of your bank. This file is created in a frequency chosen by the user to fit the needs of its operation (daily, weekly, or monthly).
Positive Pay Transactions   Encode the check amount on the MICR line and upload to your bank with the check numbers, controls and amounts, before distributing the checks (option dependent on bank’s facilities and transaction formats).
Multiple Checks per Page   Checks may be printed two per page or three per page for high volume printing.
MICR Stub   The MICR account information can optionally be applied to the stub information to provide an in-house control “check” or copy for internal MICR processing, recording, or storage and retrieval.
Multiple Printer Support   For high volume printing, multiple printers can be connected to an individual workstation which can control simultaneous printing of checks on up to five printers. This option provides its user the ability to produce up to 250 checks per minute for 1/10th the cost of high speed printing alternatives.
Rainbow Key Program Locking   The Rainbow Key device plugs into the check printing workstation to provide maximum security by forcing the validation of its existence during each check production run. If the key is not in place, checks will not print.
Signature Control   Programmatically determine if one, two, or even no signatures should appear on the check. Vary signature logic by account, dollar amount, or custom defined logic.
Companion Pages   Print alternate documents, like direct deposit receipts, multi-page line item details, or other documentation on second, third or subsequent pages. Use check stock only while printing checks and print other pages on blank white paper polled from second printer tray (if available).
Account Dependent Content and Graphics   Postnet Bar-coding based upon address, bank account information (MICR line), and check logo can vary based upon check design. Greeting box with user input communications for employees, vendors pensioner or other check recipients can also be selected.
Imprinted Protections   NowChecks provides several key elements printed on the check itself in conjunction with the printing process; encrypted bar code identifying specific printer and page count, our proprietary SecureIt alpha-line font, or bold ForgeItNot font are available to protect the amounts printed on the check. Additionally, NowChecks uses special dithered background overlays that provide each design with a unique one-of-a-kind fingerprint.

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