"I completed the purge of the 'bad' range of checks prior to transmitting the file to U.S. Bank... the NowChecks software proved to be very user friendly once again!"

–Greg, USDA (St. Louis)


Installed in hundreds of companies and institutions, the NowChecks technology has a proven track record of reliability and scalability.


The NowChecks Server allows your users the ability to print checks created with your financial system. NowChecks uses the check spool file generated on your host system as the source for printing laser checks. Once the spool file is created within your system, it is transferred (downloaded) to a workstation housing the NowChecks software, which in turn organizes the spool file, reformats it and then prints it to an attached laser printer. This allows your financial personnel to print check forms, payment data, signatures, logos, bank information and the MICR line all in one pass, on secure blank check stock. The NowChecks system then retains information from each check image to provide full audit reports, inquiries, and continuous reporting.

NowChecks Customers