"Using pre-printed checks was an expensive and time-consuming process. NowDocs’ flash media solution eliminated our costs associated with printer set-up, check bursting and sorting checks which saves us time and money. The flash media solution has been exceptional and we are very pleased with the results"

–Chad Krewson, Atlas Container

Eliminate costly dot-matrix checks and forms with the NowDocs Flash Media Solution. Produce laser checks and forms on blank stock from your existing business application. Save time and money by eliminating the high cost associated with pre-printed documents stock. By storing the check/form information in memory on the printer, you can print laser documents from nearly any financial software package.

Flash Media Solution Quick Description

  • Hewlett-Packard Compatible Flash Memory
  • Programmable in the printer for easy use
NowDocs provides electronic hardware products to support printing of bar codes, fonts, MICR Fonts, forms, signatures and logos. We offer flash memory products for selected HP LaserJet printers.

The Flash Media solution is the cost effective way of controlling your printed output to ensure compliance to your corporate design guidelines and to streamline your printing processes.

You already know the problems, a telephone number changes, or the legal department makes a small change to your terms and conditions, and all of a sudden much of your pre- printed forms are out of date and useless.

Make cost and time savings by shifting responsibility to your printer. The Flash Media solution offers you secure, and nonvolatile memory in your printer. You can store all sorts of relevant, reusable data where you need it, without congesting your storeroom or your network. And because the management of the data in your Flash Media solution is easy, you can use it for all sorts of quasi permanent data, from forms to fonts, from legal text to logos.

The Flash Media solution is inserted into your LaserJet printer like any other memory extension. Using predefined code sequences you can then store data and fonts securely in the memory, data that is maintained even when the printer is turned off. Using your own specific codes in the job that you send to the printer, you can then trigger the stored data. This can be the parsing of the incoming data to fill out a form, such as an invoice, bill of lading, purchase order, quote, spec cards, AP checks, payroll checks and tax forms. You can add a company logo onto your forms, or add a secure signature to your AP or Payroll checks.

Additional Features / Benefits
  • Flash Media can hold electronic forms providing a much more cost effective solution than using pre-printed forms most of which become obsolete before they are completely used.
  • Flash Media can also hold barcodes, signatures and other graphics any of which can be called by simple escape sequences in the data stream.
Licensing Terms
NowDocs® has created proprietary electronic forms and checks which are digitally tailored to include company specific information for its customers. These tailored "forms," including checks, invoices, quotes, and other business-related documents, are loaded into NowDocs’ printer memory modules, and issued to NowDocs customers to be used on an individual computer printer. Forms and checks contained in such memory modules are licensed to such customers solely for use on one printer for each module that is issued. The copyright in all such forms is owned by NowDocs, and any reproduction or copying of the content of such memory modules to modules purchased from any supplier other than NowDocs is strictly prohibited. NowDocs will pursue any violation of its proprietary rights.

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