Solutions Overview

Rely on NowDOCS'® award winning software for all your document needs.


The NowForms Server allows you to extend the functionality of your current enterprise with a feature rich document management and distribution system. Install the software and inherit added value such as distributed, remote, or cluster printing; scalable faxing, bulk email, automated file conversions, email confirmations and imaging. Designed in modular fashion so you only purchase what you need.



The NowChecks Server allows your users the ability to print checks created with your financial system. NowChecks uses the check spool file generated on your host system as the source for printing laser checks. Once the spool file is created within your system, it is transferred (downloaded) to a workstation housing the NowChecks software, which in turn organizes the spool file, reformats it and then prints it to an attached laser printer. This allows your financial personnel to print check forms, payment data, signatures, logos, bank information and the MICR line all in one pass, on secure blank check stock. The NowChecks system then retains information from each check image to provide full audit reports, inquiries, and continuous reporting.


Flash Media

Eliminate the need for costly pre-printed forms, giving your organization the ability to print laser checks and forms on plain paper, using popular black and white or color HP® LaserJet® printers. Add a company logo onto your forms, or add a secure signature to your AP or Payroll checks.